Trend forecast

Our stylists proudly present you... our trend forecast! This year it consists out of four themes which are: 'Rainbow Blush', 'African Dreams', 'Magnetic Sky' and 'Precious Earth'.

We start with... 'Rainbow Blush'

"In the theme Rainbow Blush we launch the colour for 2020: Neo-mint. Neo-Mint is a bright pastel green colour and this tone will be visible in interior and fashion. Neo-Mint reflects the year 2020, a year that appeals to the imagination and a year in which, according to the trendsetters, futuristic dreams will become reality through technology and science. Together with another very important colour: Millennial Pink, complemented by three pastels, we will experience a fresh and innovative Christmas atmosphere in this theme. For the materials and articles there is a mixture of different styles. The nineties are back but with a romantic twist, we also borrow from the period of the Baroque and Renaissance and even from the retro trend. Here we see the colour palette: bright and pronounced with a futuristic character. A colourful trend with the introduction of Neo-Mint as a tint for winter materials."

Rainbow Blush

Next up is... 'Precious Earth'

"As the title suggests, the Precious Earth theme is about 'earthly' matters and materials. More and more people want to go back to nature. Back to basics. We are aware of the fact that we ourselves form the ecosystem and so we are looking to make a positive impact. We honour our planet and nature; this is often reflected in the interior. The theme Precious Earth is an invitation to enjoy the Christmas season in which nature with all its flowers and plants, birds, animals and climates as the main tone.

In the colour scheme of this theme we see a base of the earthy colour palette, which we get from the 4 elements:

Precious Earth

Followed by... 'African Dreams'

We place our Christmas tree on the savannah of Africa and go there for an exotic Christmas party. This trend, is all about mixing cultures in the Southern Hemisphere consisting of Africa & South America.The dynamic economy and popular culture in these countries gives styling and design extra élan, class and originality. The colour palette in this theme is rich, warm and full of natural materials. Animal prints are complemented by natural prints and multicultural patchworks. Small geometric patterns as well as African and tribal patterns play a role.

The colour pallet shows an extra focus on deep brown which takes the place of black. This in combination with the colour Cantaloupe, strengthened with all shades of the horizon on the savannah. Gold, brass and copper tones and materials are very important players in this theme and emphasize the glamour of Christmas.

African Dreams

And last but definetely not least...'Magnetic Sky'

"In Magnetic Sky we make a trip to the High North and experience the magic of the Northern lights. We see a glow consisting of moving arches, beams and curtains of all colours. All these colours form the palette of this theme. The reflection of light as you see in this natural phenomenon is also reflected in the materials. Think of iridescent finishes and oily coatings, glass, and sparkling materials that have light catching characters. Beautiful and almost magical colours.

Purple and all shades of purple are number 1 in Magnetic Sky, as well as all the colour reflections present in the Northern Lights."

Magnetic Sky

We hope you have enjoyed our trend forecast and that our stylists have inspired you!